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Amazon SCS-C01 Dumps

Amazon SCS-C01 Dumps PDF

AWS Certified Security - Specialty
  • 555 Questions & Answers
  • Update Date : May 29, 2023

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Sample Questions

Question 1

Your CTO thinks your IAM account was hacked. What is the only way to know for certain if there was unauthorized access and what they did, assuming your hackers are very sophisticated IAM engineers and doing everything they can to cover their tracks? Please select:

A. Use CloudTrail Log File Integrity Validation. 
B. Use IAM Config SNS Subscriptions and process events in real time. 
C. Use CloudTrail backed up to IAM S3 and Glacier.
 D. Use IAM Config Timeline forensics. 

Question 2

You have a set of 100 EC2 Instances in an IAM account. You need to ensure that all of these instances are patched and kept to date. All of the instances are in a private subnet. How can you achieve this. Choose 2 answers from the options given below Please select:

A. Ensure a NAT gateway is present to download the updates 
B. Use the Systems Manager to patch the instances 
C. Ensure an internet gateway is present to download the updates 
D. Use the IAM inspector to patch the updates

Question 3

A Security Engineer is troubleshooting an issue with a company's custom logging application. The application logs are written to an Amazon S3 bucket with event notifications enabled to send events lo an Amazon SNS topic. All logs are encrypted at rest using an IAM KMS CMK. The SNS topic is subscribed to an encrypted Amazon SQS queue. The logging application polls the queue for new messages that contain metadata about the S3 object. The application then reads the content of the object from the S3 bucket for indexing. The Logging team reported that Amazon CloudWatch metrics for the number of messages sent or received is showing zero. No togs are being received. What should the Security Engineer do to troubleshoot this issue?

A. Option A 
B. Option B 
C. Option C 
D. Option D

Question 4

A Security Engineer for a large company is managing a data processing application used by 1,500 subsidiary companies. The parent and subsidiary companies all use IAM. The application uses TCP port 443 and runs on Amazon EC2 behind a Network Load Balancer (NLB). For compliance reasons, the application should only be accessible to the subsidiaries and should not be available on the public internet. To meet the compliance requirements for restricted access, the Engineer has received the public and private CIDR block ranges for each subsidiary What solution should the Engineer use to implement the appropriate access restrictions for the application?

A. Create a NACL to allow access on TCP port 443 from the 1;500 subsidiary CIDR block ranges. Associate the NACL to both the NLB and EC2 instances 
B. Create an IAM security group to allow access on TCP port 443 from the 1,500 subsidiary CIDR block ranges. Associate the security group to the NLB. Create a second security group for EC2 instances with access on TCP port 443 from the NLB security group. 
C. Create an IAM PrivateLink endpoint service in the parent company account attached to the NLB. Create an IAM security group for the instances to allow access on TCP port 443 from the IAM PrivateLink endpoint. Use IAM PrivateLink interface endpoints in the 1,500 subsidiary IAM accounts to connect to the data processing application. 
D. Create an IAM security group to allow access on TCP port 443 from the 1,500 subsidiary CIDR block ranges. Associate the security group with EC2 instances. 

Question 5

A company wants to monitor the deletion of customer managed CMKs A security engineermust create an alarm that will notify the company before a CMK is deleted The securityengineer has configured the integration of AWS CloudTrail with Amazon CloudWatchWhat should the security engineer do next to meet this requirement?Within AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS} specify the deletion time of the keymaterial during CMK creation AWS KMS will automatically create a CloudWatch.Create an amazon Eventbridge (Amazon CloudWatch Events) rule to look for API calls ofDeleteAlias Create an AWS Lamabda function to send an Amazon Simple NotificationService (Amazon SNS) messages to the company Add the Lambda functions as the targetof the Eventbridge (CloudWatch Events) rule.Create an Amazon EventBridge (Amazon CloudWath Events) rule to look for API calls ofDisableKey and ScheduleKeyDelection. Create an AWS Lambda function to generate thealarm and send the notification to the company. Add the lambda function as the target ofthe SNS policy.

A. Use inbound rule 100 to allow traffic on TCP port 443 Use inbound rule 200 to denytraffic on TCP port 3306 Use outbound rule 100 to allow traffic on TCP port 443
B. Use inbound rule 100 to deny traffic on TCP port 3306. Use inbound rule 200 to allowtraffic on TCP port range 1024-65535. Use outbound rule 100 to allow traffic on TCP port443
C. Use inbound rule 100 to allow traffic on TCP port range 1024-65535 Use inbound rule200 to deny traffic on TCP port 3306 Use outbound rule 100 to allow traffic on TCP port443
D. Use inbound rule 100 to deny traffic on TCP port 3306 Use inbound rule 200 to allowtraffic on TCP port 443 Use outbound rule 100 to allow traffic on TCP port 443

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