Money Back Guarantee Policy

All the material in is 100% real and updated. Our braindumps are arranged by experienced professionals and IT experts. We give 100% money back on all exams. By practicing from you can easily pass your exam and you don't need anything else to prepare for your exam. Your money is as valuable for us as it is for you, that's why we are very concerned about the up-to-date and authenticity of our exam dumps. We are confident you will pass your exam in first attempt. Unfortunately if you fail you can claim your money and we will return full money back.

Limitations of Guarantee:

In some cases money back guarantee will not be valid:

  • You cannot claim guarantee after 30 days from date of purchase.
  • You must have to study our exam dumps at least 7 days before appearing in exam.
  • No guarantee for retired exams
  • No guarantee for the products sold on discounted prices or free material.
  • If candidate name is different than the name of account holder.
  • Guarantee is not applicable on Avaya, EMC, HP, Oracle, SAP, PMI, Juniper, AHIP, Riverbed & SSCP exams as these are just the practice tests

How to claim your Guarantee?

Our Money Back Guarantee Procedure is very simple and we'll require following information from your end:

  • Scanned copy of "enrollment slip"
  • Scanned copy of your result/score report.
  • Purchase Transaction ID.
  • No guarantee for the products sold on discounted prices or free material.
  • Exam center name.

Note: For refund you have to submit all the requirements mentioned above within 7 days after the test to It will take 24-48 hours in refunding procedure.